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Friday, June 15, 2007
The Blame of the Crime, Again
Khamenei's regime is muddying the waters, but they could catch the big fish only if we lose our sense of justice and reality.
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A horrible blast in Samarra, Iraq has shattered the shrine of two Shiite imams on Wednesday. On this, the Supreme Leader of the the Islamic Republic said the following:
"The disgraceful and blind-hearted agents behind this big crime, whether they are remaining stooges of Saddam's Baathist regime or the beguiled Wahhabi and Salafi fanatics, it cannot be doubted that the intelligence services of the occupiers and Zionist's are the main masterminds of these heinous schemes."
But what causes this incredible certainty? This, he says:
"The occupiers have left the scene open to terrorists and panic-mongers to weaken the bases of the popular government of Iraq and justify their illegitimate presence in that country and are causing discord among Muslim brethren."
Apart from the nonsensical equality claimed between "leaving the scene open" and "masterminding" the crime, His Supreme Excellency sees of course no need to further explain why the occupying forces would even need such desperate justification for their presence. Are they benefitting from it? Even a cursory look at the facts shows this not to be the case. The US is spending hundreds of billions of dollars on its presence in Iraq. That would equal the entire Iraqi oil production in a decade. They have lost in excess of 3000 of their soldiers in Iraq. Even on a personal and political level, G. W. Bush is greatly unpopular because of the mishandling of the aftermath of deposing Saddam's regime. So what is there to gain in causing even further unrest? The simple answer is none.

But there is a lot to gain for Mr. Khamenei and his regime in spreading such lies and distorting the truth. In opposing the US, however irrationally, they buy legitimacy for their illegitimate hold on power in Iran and the region. By wrongly putting the blame of the crime on the US presence in Iraq they muddy the waters. But whether or not they can catch the big fish they are after depends just as much on our, the ordinary citizens' sense of justice, reality and truth.

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You're so naïve. The US is spending billions? yes, so what? A few American businesses are and will be earning billions from this conflict, some of which can afford to pay $1000-per-day wages to truck drivers. For them, the rest doesn't matter at all. Even if 10,000 soldiers get killed.

Soldiers are hired to protect corporate America. Their job is to fight and die for them.

In your sophisticated mind, how do you explain the enormous control you claim these businesses wield over the entire American system?

Or maybe it is not enormous, and you can explain everything by a few TV channels and newspapers, and a few hired politicians? In which case what stops you from extending the same theory to any other state and non-state entity in the world, including yourself? Are we all run in the same way by American businesses? What about these businesses -- who runs them?
That's right, keep listening to the goverment...Blame everyone....except our GLORIOUS LEADERS....They are never wrong....Our problems are because of the U.S....The U.S. is in Iraq thats why I can not afford the buy anything....That's why I can not use the internet freely....Yea, it's the Americans, that's it.

You fools need to get it together and do something before you end up like the Afgans under the oppression of the Taliban. The Iranian People are very close to being in that situation....OPEN YOUR EYES and EARS....Achange is comming!!!!

June 28, 2007

On Wednesday June 27, 2007, President Bush spoke at a Muslim conference in Washington D.C. to call on all Mullahs and “moderate” Muslims to denounce radical Islam and terrorism. That same afternoon Hell froze over and Hitler and Stalin organized the first official Hades Ski Team. The Hussein Brothers are set to receive their medals after they torture their team.

President Bush further announced to the crowd of Muslims he was appointing “a special envoy to the Organization of Islamic Conference;” noting it was the first time any American president had done so; and the envoy “will listen to and learn from representatives from Muslim states and will share with them America’s views and values.”

Those loud bangs readers just heard was Jesus being nailed back on the cross; apparently “it’s [not] finished;” Jesus refused to forgive evil; George Bush however will do so for God.

Why doesn’t President Bush just hand over 99% of Israel to the terrorists like Clinton once tried to do; he’s become just as liberal as he stomps all over James Madison’s grave and American’s lives.

To many reading, the idea that the president would make an attempt to show diplomacy to Islam and inform the country moderateness exists in a psycho religion of death, is showing Christian love to people in need of Christ in their lives. That’s the way the brain-dead of religiosity view Bush’s verbal gesture; the truth is the communiqué was ludicrous and simply ass-kissing fundamental retards who funnel money to people they pretend to have no affiliation with.

Every Muslim knows what their Koran states from cover to cover; they put on a front to the world in an attempt to con wimpy Christians and dumb-ass Atheists who think there are no innately bad people in the world. I heard that as a boy Hitler sang in his hometown’s Lutheran Choir; he was a gentle lad.

Muslims saying they don’t believe in murdering Christians and Jews is like John Edwards rejecting the use of cream rinse and conditioner; it simply can’t happen; Bush seems to think it can or needs to make a good show to liberal, Christian-hating America in attempt to gain their graces.

When I find myself saying I would rather have the pro-choice Mormon Mitt Romney or the pro-choice Catholic Giuliani—two men from two different religions that denounce abortion—as president, because they are honest enough to admit they don’t practice their religion’s pro-choice beliefs, versus the Born Again Christian who goes against the Evangelical belief that Islam is evil, evil, and evil; something is very wrong with George W. Bush and it could get us all killed.

President Bush is dangerously wrong on Islam; period; and he’s become worse than a liberal.

The president mentioned freedom gives us a society “where people can live and worship as they choose without intimidation, without suspicion, without a knock on the door from the secret police.” Can I throw up now, because that was the most asinine comment to come out of Bush’s mouth since he told the world he looked into Putin’s eyes and saw his soul and it’s good. I believe Paris Hilton’s car just came to a screeching halt.

Has Bush forgotten that Muslims execute ex-Muslims in America who have the gall to practice Christianity? Has Bush forgotten the Muslims joyously dancing in New Jersey streets after 9/11? Has Bush ever bothered to purchase a copy of the Koran and read the vile filth spewed toward the non-Muslim world?

The only time a Muslim can do what the president wants is when the Muslim whole-heartedly denounces Islam, leaves Islam, and accepts Jesus Christ as the one, true God. Of course when that happens, Muslims murder the ex-Muslim turned follower of Jesus and lover of Jews. And Bush and the media simply choose to ignore so not to offend murderers.

Charles Manson should try Muslim conversion; he’d walk.

By the way, has Bush noticed Christians in America have no rights to wearing a cross in public schools, the Ten Commandment displays in public places, and carrying bibles to work because it offends Muslims and Atheists? Where’s freedom “to worship as they choose without intimidation” for Christians in America?

Again, many people feel there are “good” Muslims in the world who hate violence; Bush is one of those brain-dead dim-wits needing to open his eyes and stop being so politically correct. I’m sure there was a moment in Joseph Stalin’s life when he loved his mommy and played nice with the other little comrades. Before he grew up to round up all 20 to 30 million and torture and murder them for not giving him their land.

Any Christian like Bush who honestly believes there are good Muslims is denying what is written in the Koran and taught to every man, woman, and child Muslim; kill all the infidels—Christians and Jews—and take over the world.

Bush is as bad as idiot Christian religions who deny Christ is God even though the bible has Christ asking Peter “Who am I?” and Peter answering “You are the Christ (God);” or Thomas looking at Jesus’ hands stating; “My Lord, my God Jehovah (God).” Still, the imbeciles deny what they actually have written in their bibles because they have crowned themselves little gods on earth so they can do as they please and control those around them. Those Christians are stupid enough to believe Muslims who say they don’t believe in violence, because those Christians themselves refuse to believe what their own bible states.

Bush however is an Evangelical and Evangelicals know just how vile Islam is and what it truly teaches. Bush knows this and ignores it as not to offend those trying to kill humanity. God forbid humanity offends its annihilators.

By the way, if dolts like Bush would look carefully in the Christian bible, God specifically told Joshua if he did not kill the enemy that was murdering all the Jews that enemy would go on to live and murder Jews in the future in ways worse than Joshua witnessed.

That enemy God warned the Jews about was the ancestors of today’s Muslims and Arabs—terrorists who terrorized the ancient world nearly to extinction.

I like President Bush, I voted for him twice, but he’s acting like a fool thinking he can actually make Jew-haters act nice to Jews. Wasn’t that what Neville Chamberlain tried and failed at so miserably? I believe Britain erected a grandiose statue in his honor for the yearly wiz-athon.

It’s been six and a half years since Arab Muslim terrorists bombed America and massacred 3,000 innocent human beings out of hate for America and our love for Israel. Not one, single Mullah has apologized publicly, denouncing terrorism and the people who committed terror upon America and continue to terrorize Israel. The reason is all Muslims hate Jews and anyone supporting Israel.

If Islam is so peaceful, why do Muslims march in London streets carrying signs telling Britain they will experience a 9/11 as punishment and Islam will take over the world killing all non-Muslims? If Islam is a “great religion,” as George W. Bush claims, why did Muslims blow up New York City, Washington, four airliners full of Americans, Bali, Madrid and London subways in the name of Allah? If Islam is so peaceful, why do Muslims blow up Jews on a daily basis? Because Islam is evil and it’s followers are all taught to believe in the murder of non-Muslims.

George W. Bush is not getting anywhere with his pathetic attempt to make nice with Islam by visiting their thug conference. Notice how the only time Islam visits a Jew or Christian is with a backpack and Kalashnikov.

Bush further stated America respects Islam and Muslims and “we need to rally the voices of Islam who can speak most directly to millions in the Arab world.”

I have no respect whatsoever for Islam or Muslims; they’re murderers. I don’t want to hear the rally voice since that would only be the wailing Muslim war cry.

Bush separated terrorists from Islam by claiming the terrorists commit terror in the name of Allah and “this enemy is not the true face of Islam, this enemy is the face of hatred.” If that’s true Mr. President, why does the Koran teach murder as its doctrine?

Bush also insulted every America by claiming “the free world abandoned Muslims in the Middle East to tyrants, and terrorists, and hopelessness.” I think the president just described Islam and every, single Muslim and everything they love, preach, practice and believe according to the Koran.

Copyright 2007 Lisa Richards

E-mail: www.lisa-richards@lisa-richards.com

July 12, 2006

When America was violently attacked by Arab terrorists on September 11, 2001, many pathetic imbeciles who feel guilty for being American and free blamed Christians and the infamous Crusades as the reason Arabs annihilated 3,000 innocents.

A few days later, President Bush noted he would not stand by and take it and “this Crusade,” as he called the coming war, would root out the evil responsible for the attacks.

Liberals went berserk; Arabs nearly beheaded themselves over the rhetorical blasphemy; Bush used the vile verb of Arab vexation known as the Christian Crusades; the Christian “C” word equivalent to the pornographic “C” word.

The House and Senate halls shook like Armageddon; Ted Kennedy reached under the podium for his hidden stash of Scotch; Al Gore grew a beard in defense of Islam, Tipper stopped taking pills, forgoing life as a Stepford Wife; Hillary Clinton demanded apologies be issued to terrorist who might be offended and feel inclined to attack the U.S. again; Bill Clinton got on his knees begging God not to expose the fact he let Usama bin Laden go so he could have pornographic sex with women on their knees.

God rolled his eyes and threw his hands in the air; this was worse than Joshua’s ignoring God countless times when God said get rid of the illegitimates constantly attacking Israelites or Israel and the rest of world will suffer for it in the future.

Now God was dealing with bleeding hearted liberals who not only tried to give the illegitimate bastards of Jihad jealousy 90 percent of Israel’s land, but believe America should be slaughtered as punishment for God blessing America and its friendship with Israel.

Bush was forced to apologize for the truthful Crusade remark—(going to war is a crusade since crusade means battle or fight)—and the horrible name of his war, “Operation Infinite Justice,” changing the name of the war 70 times 7 as apology for using the “C” word; only the fake god Allah has the right to dole out infinite justice according to insulted Muslims.

America had no right to take insult over 9/11.

It’s bad enough Christians have been apologizing decade after decade through the twentieth century for doing the right thing—fighting back; but now with petulant liberalism plaguing the country and world like locusts on cocaine, distortion of just wars by a self-defending Europe has been leveled by liberals to that of racist hate toward everyone not white.

This predicament today’s world is in has been hounding earth for five thousand years when Abraham was stupid enough to listen to his mule-headed wife Sarah, whom I do believe was actually kicked in the head by a mule for telling Abraham to fornicate with the maid and get her pregnant so they could have their own child.

Of course Hagar the whorable assumed she and her bastard Ishmael would be sitting pretty and Sarah would be out on her pathetic assumptions.

Note to all women stupid enough to have sex with their boss; the wives get everything, not the hookers.

Oh I know, any liberal reading this is saying: Ishmael was Abraham’s first born son, he deserved half the estate—Israel—that’s the right thing to do. It doesn’t matter if the kid was illegitimate; he was still Abraham’s son. Blah, blah, blah. The right to do thing my ass! Anyone with half a brain knows that excuse doesn’t even hold up in today’s world without ten years tying up courts and spending a fortune the wrong side of the blanket insists belongs to him.

Oh, and for the record, Ishmael’s Moll Flanders of a mother was Egyptian, not a Jew, and Ishmael married an Egyptian and had Egyptian children—not Jews. So technically, Arabs belong in Egypt, not Israel which they claim to own because they’re the descendants of a whore who slept with a Jew.

Liberals, and anyone hating Christians, looking for any reason to demote Christians and Christianity to Nazism always refers to Arabs as “freedom fighters” and Christians and Jews as Hitleresque villains of nihilism. Therefore, the Crusades get demoted to evildoing on the part of the church. Perhaps if people would actually read authentic, factual history, not the spurious ersatz of pseudo-scholars with degrees received with intent to destroy historical facts through brainwashing; people would discover the Crusades were started by, and the fault of, Arabs and Islam.

If one knows how to think for one’s self, that person will discover the Crusades were wars of self-defense started centuries before Christian’s donned chain mail and swords.

As far as the Jews go, Arabs, or as I refer to them—Ishmael’s idiots—started the fight still going on today because they’re jealous and can’t be satisfied with any place but Israel. Not that Muslims actually want the land; they don’t; Arabs are the true racists who want all Jews off Israeli land by way of slaughter because they’re Jews and believe in a real God, not a made up nobody from the imaginations of a raping, Jew-hating warrior with hallucinations named Muhammad.

It all has to do with 5,000 years of jealousy.

The Jew-hater Muhammad made a religion out of hate, proclaiming everyone must follow his new religion called Islam or die horrible deaths. Jesus said “love your neighbor as yourself,” “pray for your enemies,” and told his disciples that if anyone refused to listen to his words and follow him; walk away without unkind words or fighting. Move on until they found people who wanted to follow Christ. That’s in the Christian bible; Muhammad dictated the opposite. If people didn’t heed Muhammad’s words, he ordered his followers behead them, rape them, mutilate them, etc. That is in the Qur’an.

I think I like Jesus better. At least he lets me make my own choice as to whether or not I wish to follow him.

Muhammad was ignored by his hometown Quraysh when he began to preach his hallucinations he claimed were spoken to him by the Angel Gabriel. He was already a blood-thirsty warrior hell-bent on annihilating anyone who crossed his path. That’s not my opinion; history books, Islamic web sites and the Koran (Qur’an) admit to these facts.

Because Quraysh refused to listen to Muhammad, the murderer cursed them; eventually returning with vengeful violence upon all who refused to follow him. Jesus was rejected on a daily basis by his own people yet refused to curse them; instead prayed for them and came to them when they were sick, healing them and forgiving them without forcing or demanding they believe in him. He simply said his “sheep would hear [his voice]” and follow on their own accord. All Christian churches teach that doctrine to this day, stating it’s free will that we choose Christ. Muhammad demanded his people follow or face torture and death. The Mullah’s and Koran still teach that commandment to this day.

According to Muhammad, not following him was the worse crime one could commit and those people must be beheaded. Muhammad declared “persecution is worse than killing.” (Qur’an 2:214) “against them make ready your strength to your utmost power, including steeds of war, to strike terror into the hearts of the enemies, of Allah and your enemies, and others besides, whom ye may not know, but whom Allah doth know.” (Qur’an 8:60) Thus, the warrior told Muslims that torture was a necessary tactic for revenge on those denying Islam; “Smite the necks of the unbelievers.” (Qur’an 47:4) Killing them was absolutely viable.

What a fabulous religion. Again, I prefer the one where I have a free-will to follow and believe. And for the record, Christ never told anyone to strike terror into anyone’s life; “Love you enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” (Matthew 5:44)

For those who look at Matthew 5:44 and use it as liberals have, an excuse not to fight the War on Terror,—Jesus never told mankind to act like wimps—never fighting back when your country is attacked,—he meant don’t start it, act decent to everyone,—but if a 9/11 happens, the nation attacked has the right to fight back in self-defense.

Christ never said sit idly by like imbeciles letting destroyers of humanity annihilate the world. Christ did tell people “give unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s;” which means obey your government’s leader who has the obligation to defend his nation if he so chooses. You however don’t have to take up arms if you “conscientiously object;” that is your free will. Still, don’t condemn your leader for undertaking that which he is obligated under leadership to carry out.

Oh, for the record, nowhere in the bible does God tell people to slaughter innocents. Every war fought by Israelites was in self-defense to bloody attacks upon them. Nowhere does God tell Israelites torture people into submission. In fact, God goes so far as to tell people they must treat even their slaves as members of the family, never harming them in any way, shape, or form lest they receive the same.

Since the 1960’s, liberal apologist professors of Medieval History have taken to blaming Christianity for Muslims invading Jerusalem, enslaving, raping, torturing and massacring Jews who refused to follow Islam and Muhammad. Never once do the uneducated, college educated, Ph, D perpetrators of tell-tale inventions that white washed history recount historical truths to the $150,000 mechanical robots under their tutelage. Christians did not start the Crusades; Arab terrorists hell-bent on forcing the West into Islamic submission assailed Europe with unstoppable violence as never witnessed in Western History since.

By the way, Pope John Paul II was wrong to apologize to the Islamic world for wars Arab terrorists started 1,400 years ago.

Huns, Hordes, Barbarians, Romans, none of these warriors committed the atrocities Arabs thrust upon the Western world. When the Celts invaded Rome, they warred.
When Rome retaliated and invaded Briton and Ireland, they warred; then they settled into each others lands, marrying one another and Italy, Ireland and Great Briton share the same heritage and blood-line today as a result.

Arabs and Islam have no intentions of sharing our bloodline; they want our blood.

Arabs have never had intentions of invasion other than forceful subjugation of a violent religion intended for world take-over. As for sharing the same blood-line with a Jew; Arabs abhor it, preferring massacring Jews. The same goes for any Palestinian who has made friends with a Jew—immediate death after horrific torture.

Christianity’s history shows Patrick, a Pagan Briton, easily converted to Christianity because of the peace Christ preached. Returning to his slave master in Ireland, Patrick forgave the King, became an Irishman and priest to the island, choosing to work the fields and pig-sties with those who once held him captive rather than living high on the priestly hog. In his writings, Patrick stated he was no better than anyone else despite his title and wanted to feed the poor as Christ did.

Muhammad never fed the poor; he raided and killed them for what little they had.

For the record, Patrick of Ireland never forced the Celts to become Christians as Muslims force people to their religion; the Celts converted on their own. Patrick stated in his writings he wished no revenge but friendship and sharing his new found religion if they so desired to hear it. Some did, some didn’t; it was their choice as Christianity is anyone’s choice to make according to Christ’s own words.

Did you ever hear of an Arab terrorist going to Israel and asking Jews to forgive him for slaughtering them, then stating they have a right to believe as they wish?

I bring up these little historical facts to show whose religion is that of war and who’s is one of peace. Muhammad was a blood-thirsty warrior as I noted earlier; Christ never had an army or went to war; he had twelve Apostles following him as he healed the sick and raised the dead.

Muhammad never healed the sick, raised the dead, or allowed himself to be crucified by Romans unto his death. Nor did Muhammad raise himself from the dead and ascend to heaven. Jesus’ tomb is empty; Muhammad’s is full of dry bones.

Arabs and their Islamic religion are the fault of the Crusades. They started it 1,400 years ago when they invaded Europe.

Contrary to University teachings, the Roman Emperor Constantine I did not dictate Rome slaughter Pagans for not following Christianity. In fact, Christians were the ones being slaughtered and the Emperor did nothing because they were now Christian and did not believe in war. It was St. Augustine who realized the West should not sit back and be slaughtered, declaring Christians had the right to fight if attacked, but could not under any circumstance start religious wars to convert non-Christians to Christ. Nor were Christians allowed to “harm Pagans on the grounds of heresy.” War could only be waged when people were unfairly attacked.

Byzantine Christians thought of warring against Arabs who invaded Persia during Emperor Heraclius’ rule, nonetheless, they did not. It wasn’t until the eighth century A.D. when Muslim invaders blindsided Spain with crushing force that Christians began to realize that believing in Christ does not mean one allows the enemy to annihilate every man, woman and child. To do so is just as wrong as what the enemy commits.

Still, it took three hundred years for Europe to fight back and the church to realize it had to stop Islamic forces or the West would cease to exist. Again, the Crusades were never wars to convert non-Christians; Christian Crusaders never forced Christianity upon Muslims; Muslims however did force their religion upon their captives who were tortured to death for refusing.

The Crusades were triggered by provocation; they were fought in self-defense and rightly so.

And don’t throw out the infamous 1099 massacre of Jews and Muslims in Jerusalem which was related to the world by an anonymous Christian; war was going on and both sides got clobbered. There is always one incident that is not pretty; but I do not find the account as horrific as liberals do. Christians entered the walls of Jerusalem, killed Saracens—the bad guys—continuing even after surrender. A day later many were captured and killed; the rest kept alive. That happens in all of history’s wars. Still, how was it so wrong Christians attacked people who had been brutally attacking the world for 400 years? It’s not, and the 1099 “massacre” was nothing compared to what Islamic fanatics have been doing for 1,400 years.

That one incident in Crusade history does not sum up the Crusades as liberal professors insist it does when lying to students about history; or as Bill Clinton claims “the first Crusade,” the 1099 “massacre,” directly resulted in the September 11, 2001 attacks on America. Bill Clinton called that Crusade “the first Crusade.” I thought Bill Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar. That was not the first Crusade, there where others prior to the 1099 crusades.

According to history, General Nicophorus Phocas waged successful wars during the 960’s against Muslim marauders persecuting Christians. The first crusade titled “Crusade’ was in 1095 under Pope Urban II who stated: “the faithful of God will be much more widely attacked” by Muslims if defensive action is not taken.

Bill Clinton does not want to focus on anything except that which makes Christianity appear evil and Islam as bullied by the West.

Notice how the anti-Christian/anti-West liberals dwell on 1099 like Viet Nam when castigating America for democracy. Liberals never bother to mention the bloody massacre upon Constantinople in May of 1453 by Jihadists—(a word from the Qur’an, not the Pentagon, despite what liberals would have people believe)—who according to Professor Steven Runciman “killed every man, woman and child that they met in the street without discrimination.” Runciman states; “The blood ran in rivers down steep streets from the heights of Petra toward the Golden Horn.” Runciman notes; Muslims stopped killing when they saw “the riches in the city;” the gold was too tempting to keep them fighting so they took to ransacking for profit.

Again, Christ told his twelve Apostles never to take money from anyone who invited them into their homes; only to share his teachings and heal the sick. Muslims always do the opposite; rape, kill and steal all the goodies.

Yes Crusaders raided Synagogues and Mosques—I agree with raiding the Mosques and wish the U.S. military would bomb every Mosque in Mullahdom—but Muslims ransacked and destroyed more monasteries and convents where they raped and murdered more innocents than any other group of marauders. Christian Crusaders fought justified wars without committing vile barbarism.

One moment in history does not speak for the Crusades.

Unfortunately Crusaders stopped short of ridding the world of a plague of religious fanatics who continue their fanatical contraventions.

So to all political correct sissies, Christians did not kill all the Muslims; they continue to breed like fleas on a filthy dog, bullying the world to their psychotic belief by way of persecution and cruelty. Deadly persecution is thrown at their own people who dare make friends with Jews and Christians; thank America for freeing them from the Taliban, Saddam, and worse; committing the treasonous act of converting to Christianity; a crime which dictates Arabs must be murdered in the most grotesque fashion—Islamic torture—as happened in 2005 to an Arab Christian family from New Jersey.

That little “incident” stayed in the news—even Fox News—five minutes before journalist ran with their tales between their legs.

Liberals never came to the defense of that family and the media dropped the story for fear of sounding insensitive to terrorists. What happened to the New Jersey family was beyond insensitive to outright Jack the Ripper-style murder.

Public High schools and Universities today refuse historically factual literature on the Crusades. Even private universities ignore the truth in lieu of whitewashing perjury. God forbid today’s youth should know the truth—Islam is an evil religion begun by a viscous warrior who rapped, murdered and conquered everyone he came in contact with and made a “bloody” fortune doing so.

Even Harvard and Yale have forgone the truth, allowing Islamo Fascists entrance to their once pro-America/Christian education schools. Money speaks louder than truth. It also suppresses knowledge to that of innate stupidity.

That injudicious stupidity will get America attacked again and Arabs what they’ve been after for 5,000 years; that which is not rightfully theirs; Israel and the entire world.

copyright 2006 Lisa Richards
E-mail: www.lisa-richards@lisa-richards.com

Haven't you heard last month's news when the British soldiers were caught dressed as arab Shias shooting at Sunnis?
Ignore them, Cyrus. For people like Mocha and VoD,it's far easier to believe that there's a big, bad government conspiracy than to believe that the enemy their countrymen are fighting is real, and that those radicals want them dead.
I cam across a good article about Iran and democracy: "How to spread democracy in Iran" on the examiner website: http://www.examiner.com/x-4454-Chicago-Nonpartisan-Examiner~y2009m3d23-How-to-spread-democracy-in-Iran
I think that the complexity of the topic can not be resolved in that way
I think the best way to objct to the injustice of Islamic republic is using GANDHI"S ' STRATEGY . Peace and non violence or " Non-REACTION".

If all the people who voted for Moosavo wear "WHITE CLOTHING "
( reminder of peace to themselves and to the worlds" and walk in the streets around the world while holding the feeling of PEACE and freedom in their HEARTS. THIS WAY WE ARE USING THE MOST POWERFUL FORCE IN THE UNIVERSE. Then watch the effect of this divine energy all over the world !!!!! By feeling the peace inside of us, we will bring it out to the physical.... " BE THe CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN TH E WORLD, Gandhi "

Islamic republic might be able to hide te number of votes but this way they CAN NOT hide the number of people in the streets . Gandhi's strategy is a higher conscousness way to deal with any injustic.

If you agree please forward this to all Iranian BLOGS , Twitters, etc....

Thank you...Elham
Internet apps like Twitter are changing the way people communicate -- even in oppressive regimes like Iran's because it's harder to shut them down and block messaging.

There's no stopping the desire for freedom and true, representative democracy. If it's driven by the people. Is that something you can "blame" on the people?

Streamingmagazine.com has a good article on how Twitter is playing a role in current protests in Iran. I urge you to read it, because it seems to me that that's an expression of the people.

It's called "A Censor's Worst Nightmare: Twitter."
My name is Julian,
I am a dual citizen who is well travelled. I served in the USAF.
I helped to bring down the Berlin Wall long before Ronald got there.
I am very concerned that many Muslims have a highly judgemental
view of Americans and their British friends. We are as afraid of Satan as you are. Our collective Satans would like nothing better than for us to fight and kill each other.
Forget about the Politicians. They know nothing. My wife, who is fluent in Hebrew and Arabic tells me that the Quran, like the Bible, suffers from gross mis-translations.
You do not get seventy two virgins in the after life, you get seventy two raisins! It is not our religions that make us different, it is our language.
In Berlin in 1972, the Russians told me that they did not want to be the enemy of America. I learned that they were all terrified of being destroyed by American Nuclear Bombs. That certain people in the Soviet Russian Politico and the US Government actually believed
that Nuclear war was inevitable.
I acted through other channels to alter their beliefs.
I invite all of you who may read this to dare to alter your beliefs too. You know deep inside that none of this matters. That believing in Gods and Demons is only for those who are afraid. Afraid of the real unknown. That unknown part inside of all of us,
that would rather destroy the truth than understand it.
We must all change in order to survive. Killing each other is not
about survival. It is about fear.
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