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Thursday, May 31, 2007
Wish Come True?
The anti-neocon agenda is behind every thought of the Left.
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Iranian.com, a popular community web site, has published a rare letter by a group of academics including Noam Chomsky and Hamid Dabashi, prominent voices of the Left, to the government of Iran in protest to the recent detention of Kian Tajbakhsh. Though it starts by calling the policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran towards its own citizens "repressive", the real reason behind the letter shows even in the title: the anti-neocon agenda. Here, it shows up as:
The Iranian government should know how damaging these arbitrary arrests are to the country’s reputation and how these arrests have given ample opportunity to American neocons to vilify an entire nation in the interest of yet another military adventurism with hundreds of thousands of innocent lives at stake.
And also in the concluding remark:
The systematic abuse of human and civil rights of Iranian citizens can only exacerbate Iran’s international isolation and play into the hands of warmongers in the United States.
In this logic the problem is not the systemic abuse of human rights per se, but that it plays into the hands of "neo-cons". Even when they finally raise a voice in protest to a really repressive regime, Messrs. Chomsky, Dabashi and Co. would not miss a chance to repeat the false and ideological claim that the neocons are the real villains.

This truly disgusts me.

The neocons' influence on American politics has diminished greatly over the past couple of years. Evidence that no serious presidential contender in 2008 seems keen on the neocon strategy. In any case, there is--and always has--ample opportunity to oust the (remaining) neocons from office democratically. There is no such end in sight for the Islamic Republic's repressive policies. What excuse would this idiotic bunch use when G. W. Bush is gone in less than two years?

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The neocons are the villains in this case. They are the ones who are beating the war drums.

They did the same thing before we invaded Iraq. They are the ones even to this day, want "to stay the course" and "win." What on earth is the definition of "win?"

They want perpetual war, because it gives the government, especially the president more power.

The fact that someone wrote about human rights abuses in Iran shows how hypocritical this country is. We are practically living in a police state. Every day it's something new-we no longer have "free speech" and the right to dissent, especially if it's against the war.

If someone wants to protest the president, they are put in "free speech zones" a mile away.

Our policemen have become thugs and terrorists. Search YouTube for "taser" and "police." They tased and killed a woman in a wheelchair. They tased, then shot to death a man who had been in an auto accident - his car was on fire and so was he. His clothes were burnt off and his skin was peeling off and 100% of his body was covered with blood. He was sitting beside the car in a comatose state - all of this information was provided by the police. The police at first told him to lie on his back on the pavement (hot pavement with his skin peeling off?), and why did the police order that? He was already just sitting there.

But if you don't do exactly what the police order you to do, they zap you. THEY ARE KING. A few minutes later, they shot him, saying that this man, in dire need of medical attention, lunged at them. My question is, why didn't they just move if he lunged at them, which I believe was a lie? Why didn't they ever call an ambulance?

Our e-mail, mail and bank transactions are all available to the gov't. We can be arrested for no reason, and held as an "enemy combatant" for as long as they wish. Bush says who is an "enemy combatant." He can declare martial law with no input from Congress over such things as "incidents."

I am reading the book "Blowback," and I was not out of the introduction before I was shocked to the core. The author was right: the American people have no idea what the CIA does in their names in other countries.

So what gives us the right to say anything to anybody? The neocons think we have every right to meddle in other countries.
Guys, you should not put lots of weight to people like Noam Chomsky - I won't call him names, but he is certainly not a person to be quoted from.

President Ahmedinejad speeches make quite a few people fell worried about the possible actions of this unpreditable guy.
The american people are watching the coverage on fox news and we stand behind the Iranian people. We may be doing the same thing in 2010 if our elections do not turn our government around. Just remember there is more to numbers, numbers of people get heard! we americans respect what you all are doing! God be with you.
It's so simple to analyze who is the beneficiery of what is going on Iran. Well, neither the government nor the people. It's the enemies of Iran who supporting all this mess and will, God forbid, be the eventual benefieries. Dear Iranians, you will not be "loved" for your catalytic, supportive role towards the achievement of Iran's enemies by the enemies. Be vigilant!
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