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Liberal Iranian
Liberal as in Liberty and Freedom. Iranian as in Cyrus and Ferdowsi.
Tuesday, May 29, 2007
Targeted Arrests: Scare Tactic
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Why should Iran's government arrest people who have apparently been trying to portray a good image of Iran abroad? Ms. Esfandiary, for instance, the director of the Middle East program at the Woodraw Wilson Center had been regularly analyzing the political situation in Iran and its elections as if they are happening in a perfectly democratic setting. In the most recent example of such an analysis, Iran After the June 2005 Presidential Elections, there is hardly any mention of voting fraud, undemocratic laws and institutions, and the extremely limited choice, which essentially undermine any analysis of the elections and their implications for the demographics and the wants and needs of the electorate that presupposes a democratic setting. In brief, her activities could be seen as a vindication of the Islamic Republic. So, why is she prevented to leave Iran after a regular family visit, interrogated long hours for weeks, and finally detained on clearly bogus and selective charges? (In fact there are yet no charges, just hints at what they entail.)

The reason is simple once we look at the Islamic Republic as what it is: a tyranny whose first and foremost objective is to prolong its existence and the reasons behind it. Of course, Ms. Esfandiari has not been active in anything that would resemble a plan for toppling Iran's theocracy. The words freedom, democracy, liberalism and their derivatives do not even appear in the Wilson Center Mission Statement. But she is a known figure in a known institute concerned with Iran's politics. As such, she must have contacts with other scholars, including those who could be considered liberal and/or active in institutions with an agenda for democratic government and human rights in Iran. Her arrest is a scare tactic. It is even more effective once her background and her line of thinking is taken into account.

There are a few million Iranians living outside the country for various reasons. Almost all of them still have family and close friends in Iran whom they would like to visit. This diaspora could be very effective in ending the tyranny in Iran in various ways. So, it pays greatly to scare them off.

But now what? What should we do? Apart from the calls and the campaign to release these innocent men and women, an important thing for the Iranians abroad is to show that they are not scared, and for those who care for freedoms to bolster their calls. This does not mean engaging in silly and plainly dangerous activities. All it needs to show is that such scare tactics will not work. If this advanced assault on our front is not withheld the international pressures by the Iranian diaspora on the government of Iran to behave will be subdued and their effectiveness eroded. Then, we could expect an even worse situation inside Iran for those we love and care about.

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Can you tell me how you define liberal islam? Because you people use this word quiet often for islam and islamic countries but you dont go into detail as to what is the difference between the only islam i know and the liberal and moderate islam of yours?
Looking forward to your response.


When and where have I used the term "liberal Islam"?
At least Now Nijad knew the traitor who works for the US and Israel
and I was wondering why Earthquake rattles iran from now and then .. Now I know why ..
because not all Iranian are Mujahedeen .. but another scumbag westernized think that kissing US Arse would do them any good ..

I m an Egyptian and I m very pro the Islamic revolution and Nijad .. and May God send more Quake to wipe Moussavi supporters Inshallah Ameen .
Anonymous "Egyptian".

Kissing US arse? I guess you've been schooled by English teachers.

You followers of Moo-ham-head have so much good to show for your religious zeal. Believe me...waiting for your so-called heaven in order to see "the virgins" is far overrated.

We're here in heaven now. We have freedom, water, milk and honey...and again, the virgins are really just a pain in the arse.

Your Koran teaches murder, slavery of women and all types of sickness. Go blow yourself up. You'll probably find the virgins are just Catholic Nuns packing shotguns.

The "real" Egypt was destroyed by Muslims.

You're just another "useful" idiot for the Imams and their head chopping cronnies.
But seriously fellas, allow me to describe the level of crazy we are dealing with. Please see this article for references to one of many ayatollas openly advocating for the repression, arrest, detention, beatings and torture of any demonstrators. He is a prime example why my country is viewed by the world as a backwater enclave of illiterate idiots. I know for a fact that these ayatolla types do not represent the vast majority of Iranians who are mostly educated, compassionate, and kind (much like the Prophet Muhammad). This is an intolerable degradation of my religion, of my country and of humanity. What will it take to make the loonies just go away?

A republic would be better and give more freedom then a democracy. Its better able to protect minority rights.

Freedom never comes easy. Sooner or later tyranny must be confronted with equal force... Or wait until the mullahs are dead of natural causes

And you Egypt, you have president in name only. Its like pretending to ride a horse and you pretend so much that you actually think you did it.

There will be freedom in your countries only when there is religious freedom for all sects, and religions. And from the looks of it I wouldn't hold my breath.

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