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Tuesday, June 05, 2007
Rationale of Tyranny
Survival is why tyrannies do what they do and propaganda is how. This adds to, not diminish, the dangers of their propaganda.
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There is a great confusion in the way people think about a tyrannical regime like the Islamic Republic of Iran. Does the regime really mean all the hateful propoganda they spread about the West? Do they mean it when they express a desire to "wipe Israel off the map" or "crush America under their feet"? Or when they write them on the missiles paraded in the streets? Aren't they just trying to survive? Wouldn't everyone else in their shoes do the same? Shouldn't we separate the "intent" (survival) from propaganda? Isn't the Islamic regime just another rational player? (See this comment, for instance.)

Some of the answers are "yes", and some "no". But the point is these questions miss the actual rationale of tyranny.

I don't have a problem with accepting the Islamic regime, as a whole, as a rational player. But so what? Even rational players have assumptions that go into their decision making. And there is always room for questioning the moral justifications of those assumptions. Yes, even a tyrant could be rational. But does that somehow make his tyranny okay?

Would anyone in a tyrant's shoes do the same under external pressure? No! Why should they? If the outsiders have reasonable demands, one could adequately assure them that their demands are met. One doesn't need to be a violent and abrasive dictator even in an authoritarian system. Even a tyrant really does have options. In particular there is always the option of accepting to dismantle the dictatorship altogether. This has been demonstrated many times in recent history of non-violent revolutions, be it in Eastern Europe or in Chile.

But what about the intent and the propaganda? It is a major (and sometimes deliberate) confusion of logic to claim that the fact that a tyranny's intent is to survive would somehow make the propaganda it spreads less lethal and dangerous. It is the complete opposite. Tyrannies spread hateful and false propaganda because they want to survive. Survival is why they do what they do and propaganda (and repression) is how. And when the why demands that they actualy act on the how they won't cringe. There is ample historical evidence for this. Here's one relevant to Iran:

In the second half of the Iran-Iraq war (more or less after Khorramshahr was liberated by the Iranian forces) when Iraq was in a defensive position and was seeking a ceasefire, the Islamic Republic continued the war and said it would not accept the UN resolution No. 598 for a ceasefire. So the war continued for another 4-5 years during which hundreds of thousands of Iranians were killed and the economy was shattered even more.

How did they convince the people to do this? Propaganda, of course, besides a cycle of repression and fear. The walls of Tehran were covered with slogans such as: "War, War, Till Victory!" or "The Path to Quds Goes Through Karbala" or "War, War, Till Mahdi's Revolution!". The only two TV stations were filled with stories of martyrdom, etc. Saddam was kafir (nonbeliever) and the war was one against kufr (nonbelief). Classic tyrannical propaganda methods were practiced. Moreover, almost any voice of dissent was brutally silenced. Those who had differing ideas from the head of the power pyramide, from all stripes and colors even many early supporters, were silenced, jailed and/or executed.

Why did they do this? To survive. Did they believe in all they said? Probably not. In fact, after the intent for survival forced the weakening regime to finally accept the ceasefire in 1988 (or "drink the potion of death" in the words of Khomeini), it was suddenly as if Saddam was no longer kafir or the path to Quds did not go through Karbala.

In short, the strategy of tyranny is set by the intent for surival and its tactics by the propaganda. They go hand in hand. So the question of whether they believe in their own propaganda becomes irrelevent to what they would actually do. They'd do as they see fit for their survival and this could include acting on existing propaganda, or creating new ones. But what is for certain is that we on the outside should never dismiss or devalue the dangers of their propaganda.

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"...little by little others who think the same way are attracted to the group and its propaganda becomes a force that can infiltrate a huge system of government or even bring about its downfall." Imam Ruhollah Khomeini
Did you know that there are close to 55 million young Iranians under 30? Did you also know that IF WE ALL rebelled against being under Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's tyranny that we could start our own liberation and democracy of freedom for all of us and it would be a "new age movement" for all of our brother Muslims to join? Would this not be a good thing to do in the intrest of our own lives here in Iran? A.M.
Just read this news article below:
The most talked about confrontation in Tehran these days began normally enough. A young woman walking down the street with a headscarf (sliding a little too far down?) hiding only half her hair was accosted by the morality police, called a slut and told to cover up.
The incident became interesting when the girl responded with a Bruce Lee-like whoop and aimed a kick at her tormentor’s midsection. The girl knew martial arts, as she convincingly demonstrated to the approving cheers of the crowd that gathered around her to watch the whupping.
What made it famous? Someone recorded it on a cell phone. Within hours, it was local legend.
Islamic rule in Iran has withstood 28 years of Western outrage, economic boycotts and careful disdain by Iranians who long for more personal freedom. But the regime might not survive the cell phone, which Iranians are turning from a means of communication into a means — for symmetry? — of political protest.
Nearly every young Iranian — in a land where 70 percent of the population of 73 million is under 30 — owns a mobile phone. And every day tens of millions use them to send text messages, pictures and videos to their friends.
"No one uses a landline anymore," says Mossegh, a 20-something clothing salesman. "First of all, most of them don’t work. And anyway, I communicate with my friends by SMS, not calls. Calling just isn’t cool."
Iranians belong to a chain mail of jokes about President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, whose irregular hygiene habits are the stuff of endless banter. "I walked in the ocean with just my socks on," begins one joke making the rounds. "Now our talented Iranian scientists are figuring out how to replace all the water."
a duoist: Joseph Goebbles would be proud of Khomeini.

June 28, 2007

On Wednesday June 27, 2007, President Bush spoke at a Muslim conference in Washington D.C. to call on all Mullahs and “moderate” Muslims to denounce radical Islam and terrorism. That same afternoon Hell froze over and Hitler and Stalin organized the first official Hades Ski Team. The Hussein Brothers are set to receive their medals after they torture their team.

President Bush further announced to the crowd of Muslims he was appointing “a special envoy to the Organization of Islamic Conference;” noting it was the first time any American president had done so; and the envoy “will listen to and learn from representatives from Muslim states and will share with them America’s views and values.”

Those loud bangs readers just heard was Jesus being nailed back on the cross; apparently “it’s [not] finished;” Jesus refused to forgive evil; George Bush however will do so for God.

Why doesn’t President Bush just hand over 99% of Israel to the terrorists like Clinton once tried to do; he’s become just as liberal as he stomps all over James Madison’s grave and American’s lives.

To many reading, the idea that the president would make an attempt to show diplomacy to Islam and inform the country moderateness exists in a psycho religion of death, is showing Christian love to people in need of Christ in their lives. That’s the way the brain-dead of religiosity view Bush’s verbal gesture; the truth is the communiqué was ludicrous and simply ass-kissing fundamental retards who funnel money to people they pretend to have no affiliation with.

Every Muslim knows what their Koran states from cover to cover; they put on a front to the world in an attempt to con wimpy Christians and dumb-ass Atheists who think there are no innately bad people in the world. I heard that as a boy Hitler sang in his hometown’s Lutheran Choir; he was a gentle lad.

Muslims saying they don’t believe in murdering Christians and Jews is like John Edwards rejecting the use of cream rinse and conditioner; it simply can’t happen; Bush seems to think it can or needs to make a good show to liberal, Christian-hating America in attempt to gain their graces.

When I find myself saying I would rather have the pro-choice Mormon Mitt Romney or the pro-choice Catholic Giuliani—two men from two different religions that denounce abortion—as president, because they are honest enough to admit they don’t practice their religion’s pro-choice beliefs, versus the Born Again Christian who goes against the Evangelical belief that Islam is evil, evil, and evil; something is very wrong with George W. Bush and it could get us all killed.

President Bush is dangerously wrong on Islam; period; and he’s become worse than a liberal.

The president mentioned freedom gives us a society “where people can live and worship as they choose without intimidation, without suspicion, without a knock on the door from the secret police.” Can I throw up now, because that was the most asinine comment to come out of Bush’s mouth since he told the world he looked into Putin’s eyes and saw his soul and it’s good. I believe Paris Hilton’s car just came to a screeching halt.

Has Bush forgotten that Muslims execute ex-Muslims in America who have the gall to practice Christianity? Has Bush forgotten the Muslims joyously dancing in New Jersey streets after 9/11? Has Bush ever bothered to purchase a copy of the Koran and read the vile filth spewed toward the non-Muslim world?

The only time a Muslim can do what the president wants is when the Muslim whole-heartedly denounces Islam, leaves Islam, and accepts Jesus Christ as the one, true God. Of course when that happens, Muslims murder the ex-Muslim turned follower of Jesus and lover of Jews. And Bush and the media simply choose to ignore so not to offend murderers.

Charles Manson should try Muslim conversion; he’d walk.

By the way, has Bush noticed Christians in America have no rights to wearing a cross in public schools, the Ten Commandment displays in public places, and carrying bibles to work because it offends Muslims and Atheists? Where’s freedom “to worship as they choose without intimidation” for Christians in America?

Again, many people feel there are “good” Muslims in the world who hate violence; Bush is one of those brain-dead dim-wits needing to open his eyes and stop being so politically correct. I’m sure there was a moment in Joseph Stalin’s life when he loved his mommy and played nice with the other little comrades. Before he grew up to round up all 20 to 30 million and torture and murder them for not giving him their land.

Any Christian like Bush who honestly believes there are good Muslims is denying what is written in the Koran and taught to every man, woman, and child Muslim; kill all the infidels—Christians and Jews—and take over the world.

Bush is as bad as idiot Christian religions who deny Christ is God even though the bible has Christ asking Peter “Who am I?” and Peter answering “You are the Christ (God);” or Thomas looking at Jesus’ hands stating; “My Lord, my God Jehovah (God).” Still, the imbeciles deny what they actually have written in their bibles because they have crowned themselves little gods on earth so they can do as they please and control those around them. Those Christians are stupid enough to believe Muslims who say they don’t believe in violence, because those Christians themselves refuse to believe what their own bible states.

Bush however is an Evangelical and Evangelicals know just how vile Islam is and what it truly teaches. Bush knows this and ignores it as not to offend those trying to kill humanity. God forbid humanity offends its annihilators.

By the way, if dolts like Bush would look carefully in the Christian bible, God specifically told Joshua if he did not kill the enemy that was murdering all the Jews that enemy would go on to live and murder Jews in the future in ways worse than Joshua witnessed.

That enemy God warned the Jews about was the ancestors of today’s Muslims and Arabs—terrorists who terrorized the ancient world nearly to extinction.

I like President Bush, I voted for him twice, but he’s acting like a fool thinking he can actually make Jew-haters act nice to Jews. Wasn’t that what Neville Chamberlain tried and failed at so miserably? I believe Britain erected a grandiose statue in his honor for the yearly wiz-athon.

It’s been six and a half years since Arab Muslim terrorists bombed America and massacred 3,000 innocent human beings out of hate for America and our love for Israel. Not one, single Mullah has apologized publicly, denouncing terrorism and the people who committed terror upon America and continue to terrorize Israel. The reason is all Muslims hate Jews and anyone supporting Israel.

If Islam is so peaceful, why do Muslims march in London streets carrying signs telling Britain they will experience a 9/11 as punishment and Islam will take over the world killing all non-Muslims? If Islam is a “great religion,” as George W. Bush claims, why did Muslims blow up New York City, Washington, four airliners full of Americans, Bali, Madrid and London subways in the name of Allah? If Islam is so peaceful, why do Muslims blow up Jews on a daily basis? Because Islam is evil and it’s followers are all taught to believe in the murder of non-Muslims.

George W. Bush is not getting anywhere with his pathetic attempt to make nice with Islam by visiting their thug conference. Notice how the only time Islam visits a Jew or Christian is with a backpack and Kalashnikov.

Bush further stated America respects Islam and Muslims and “we need to rally the voices of Islam who can speak most directly to millions in the Arab world.”

I have no respect whatsoever for Islam or Muslims; they’re murderers. I don’t want to hear the rally voice since that would only be the wailing Muslim war cry.

Bush separated terrorists from Islam by claiming the terrorists commit terror in the name of Allah and “this enemy is not the true face of Islam, this enemy is the face of hatred.” If that’s true Mr. President, why does the Koran teach murder as its doctrine?

Bush also insulted every America by claiming “the free world abandoned Muslims in the Middle East to tyrants, and terrorists, and hopelessness.” I think the president just described Islam and every, single Muslim and everything they love, preach, practice and believe according to the Koran.

Copyright 2007 Lisa Richards

E-mail: www.lisa-richards@lisa-richards.com
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sorry but what does this mean? "I don't have a problem with accepting the Islamic regime, as a whole, as a rational player." You accept the mullahs?
Winston, perhaps there is a misunderstanding. I meant that I don't have a problem with accepting the statement that they are rational players.
It IS time for a change in Iran. As a Canadian living in Dubai, I have been to Iran on more than one occasion My time there was wondeful and the people made me feel so welcome. I also came to discover a political savy populace choosing to simply deal with life in Iran. Proud Muslims, who want to be free to be who they are at the same time, I was impressed by the levels of tolerance shown by the PEOPLE. I also have many Iranian friends here in Dubai. Many expect another revolution....
Good luck to you young Iranians who want freedom from tyranny. You must fight. You must fight with everything you can find. Use everything, especially those weapons currently in the power of the oppressors. Take their weapons, make your own weapons. If they choose to attack at night, you should attack at night. Cut their communications, cut power, interrupt road networks, sow confusion...taunt the oppressors into a violent fit of retribution. You will lose many...but if you fail...you will lose all. This is your best opportunity in over 30 years. Form a government, one based on not just individual liberty, but religous liberty. Form a government where all men and women are treated equally. Expell the council of 12...without this...you will just remain as slaves. Only accept a leader that espouses these beliefs and proves it with his or her action. Choose a leader that will lead toward liberty...and within a few years the world will open its arms to support you. You have a great history, you have many resources...those should belong to the people, for the people. Reject the mantra's of hatred. You can still fight for freedom. Make this "total resistance". Fear of death? In that current regime...you're dead already. You're sitting on so much wealth an opportunity that is being wasted daily...go out and take it back for the people.
Young Iranian Women! Fight for Freedom! You hold the key to victory! Do not settle for less than freedom for all and equal rights for all! Tyranny in the name of "religion" is still tyranny. Reject all tenets of leadership that do not provide equal rights to all.

You have RIGHTS that predate any and all religions. They are called inaliable human rights. They are:

The right to protect yourself and your family.

The right to own property.

The right to personal freedom.

Rarely do you get those freely. Someone always wants to; take your property, limit your freedom by threatening you and your family.

YOU MUST FIGHT. If not...you're dead already.
Maybe in a day and age where communications were closed and tightly controlled would the absurd propaganda and hard-line rhetoric coming from Iran’s top officials, namely radical Ahmad Khatami, be taken as true. But that day is a remnant of a era long in the past. Today, the power of social media has repeatedly demonstrated it’s power to changed the course of world politics. The revolution may be suppressed for the time being, but you can be sure it’s coming and the government of Iran should be worried if they want to retain the tight grasp on power they’re used to. I’m not an expert on Islam but to say that protesting and dissent is “mohareb” and punishable by death, shows how twisted these elite clerics are. Their statements do not reflect Islam but rather the division in the hearts and minds of men who despite their robes and rituals are far from embodying the grace, compassion and love of God, that same God that the Koran speaks of. We do live in a crazy world. A world where we have forgotten how divine and fundamentally connected we all are. My deepest desire is that we awaken, realize that divinity and put down our arms. However, politically speaking, I don’t think pacifism is the answer either as demonstrated by events happening in Tibet. And it is that reason, that I ask the Iranian people what can I do for you from my vantage point? How can I help? Do you need proxy servers? Can we train the people to bypass the filters the government has implemented? Your courage and bravery has inspired me. You brothers and sisters have died, many more are captive and being tortured. May they not have died in vain and long live revolution.
The financial markets must find new global leadership because the NYSE, SEC and other government bodies (like Congress) allow the USA intel services to defraud the world in order to finance their ongoing crime spree worldwide.

fbi/cia illegal funding of their global crime spree

MSN.COM prevents me from documenting fbi/cia crimes in the financial markets; then, MSN.COM bans me permanently:
the banned report:

Ultimately The Markets Must Collapse!

Illegal funding for fbi/cia global terror campaign:
What needs to be funded?

How are the fbi/cia crimes funded?




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The evolution of the United States of America (and its similarly empowered and closely aligned cohorts around the globe) over the past two centuries from a so-called Democracy (i.e.: government by the people) into the now well known (and universally feared as diabolical and homicidal) fascist body politic can be attributed to a not yet fully acknowledged disease afflicting billions of people during the same time period. In essence, the disease may for now be termed * 'insanity', and those suffering from the affliction continue to be in denial, even as they repeatedly engage in their violent and otherwise murderous agenda worldwide. As few call for the medical treatment of the carriers of the disease, some action must be taken to control or perhaps to cure the affliction; failure to do so invites the members of the infected class to 1) continue globally to torture, imprison and murder millions of human beings in the name of 'Democracy' and 2) ceaselessly induct and thereby enslave the rest of the world's population into their demented and flagitious ranks. In a sense these very sick human beings represent the Living Dead among us as they advance with arms extending, fingers pointing, mouths wide-opening and evil proclivities protruding:


* "Democracy As Mental Disease", From The American Journal of Insanity, 8:195 (Oct.), 1851,

The Age Of Madness, Thomas S. Szasz, M.D., Jason Aronson, New York, 1974, page 47.
I am new to this blog but i would like to say without hesitation that I look forward to the day that the true Iranian young people CLAIM Iran and deliver its greatness in people, passion, arts and music. I am not your stereotype american and look forward, not backwards. Peace!
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