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Monday, August 21, 2006
Hard-Talked Susan Sarandon
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Susan Sarandon, the Oscar-winning actress, was on BBC's Hardtalk Extra on Friday, talking about ... well, all sorts of things. It is amusing to see what a mix runs through the brain of the "liberal" stars of Hollywood who have brought, for the most part, shame to the word "liberal".

At one point, talking about the "generations of youth" now and in the past, she said, and I paraphrase, that the youth now are less optimistic because they do not see the results of their action as soon as her generation did in the '70s. Morevoer, she thought, the corporate culture and power has increased since then. But she remained hopeful that because of the advent of the internet and cell phones and other means of fast communication and a new tech-savvy generation of youth, it would be countered. For this she pointed out the anti-WTO protests of 1999 in Seattle. When asked what she thinks of the failure of her friends to effect any change recently, she said that was because
the other side conrols the media, and the house, and the senate, ... you lose everything when you lose the press.
These remarks left me wondering: The actual reason Sarandon and her friends (or anyone for that matter) have lost the battle of ideas is that their thinking is irrational. They will continue to lose over the long run as long as they remain that way. 
That was funny. Good points. These lot are pathetic aren't they?
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