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Tuesday, September 12, 2006
Path to 911 and United 93
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The truth is simple. The two movies made this year on what truly happened on the way to 9/11 attacks do a good job on conveying the simple truth: avowed enemies of freedom managed to plan, prepare, and execute attacks on the leading nation of the free world on a scale that no ordinary citizen of the world would accept as real before they actually took place.

This point is made boldly clear in The Path to 911, the ABC-commisioned docudrama. It is particularly clear about the failure of the (limited) security-based foreign policy that does not see the connection between security and the state of foreign governments. It also makes clear the falsehood of the theories that ignore the Islamic terrorists' declared objectives and instead assign, directly or indirectly, the burden of guilt for the terror crisis to those who stand for freedom.

The same point is made even more clearly in the feature movie, United 93. Some passengers of the hijacked UA93 flight decide to take on the terrorists after learning through their phone comunications that there have been other hijacked planes flown into the WTC and the Pentagon. There is, however, a passenger who vocally opposes such plans. He first argues that they should not interfere with the hijackers in the hope that they would land safely somewhere. But even after the news about other hijacked planes he continues, completely irrationally, to oppose others. Eventually, he even tries to alert the terrorists on the other passengers' plan to make a run. He is quickly silenced. "Let's roll," one of the passengers demands, and roll they do. As a result of their correct understanding and courageous action, United 93 crashed in Shanksville, PA. Not in the Capitol, DC. 
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